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what I’ve earned from my blog so far

By On November 11, 2009

just a simple screenshot of my earning from the year 2006 if you see, there’s a missing record from the year 2007 to 2008. why? because i’ve made a stupid mistake.. forgotten… Read More


are you getting bored of blogging?

By On May 7, 2008

yes, not me but Mr Darren Rowse of problogger said that some bloggers might face this issue, getting bored of blogging, yawn and yawn thinking of what to write, which later might… Read More


What do you get from blogging?

By On February 21, 2008

I’ve spoken to many people, mostly friends and colleagues about blogging, what it’s all about and how much you can earn out of it. No, not only money, but many more.. I… Read More


how i get into this?

By On May 10, 2006

oh i lied to my self.. still with this boring layout urgh~ currently quite busy with homepages i have to design for some people. there will be another 2 due to this… Read More


blogger vs MT vs EE

By On April 10, 2006

when i first write a blog, i choose to store everything, and perhaps because i dont know any other service like wordpress, MT etc.. all i know was just xanga and… Read More