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the ultimate train challenge

the ultimate train challenge – #travel adventure

By On February 17, 2011

the ultimate train challenge is a travel idea by Michael Hodson, an attorney who took off in 2008 to travel the world without ever getting on airplane. in this challenge, travelers i.e.… Read More

pass to Bali

#travel idea KL to Koh Samui: bus, train or airplane?

By On February 9, 2011

i just got back from Osaka. what a nice place to visit. the place where the road is almost empty and deserted, but underground in the subway, millions of people rushing here,… Read More


no smoking zone

By On January 4, 2011

lately, more and more country around the globe has brought in the no-smoking laws to their city, to which travelers can no longer smoke in public area, and most, even inside the… Read More


airport – waiting time

By On December 31, 2010

a short and quick post before i prepare for my flight to Jakarta, what’s the best thing to do when we are waiting for boarding at the airport? it’s common that most… Read More