it was snowing this morning when i arrived in Peking and i was actually quite thrilled to experience a snowing morning. simple, cold and nothing else. and then we arrived at the hotel and a friend told me that we have a free internet access here, good i said.  … Read More

the ultimate train challenge

the ultimate train challenge is a travel idea by Michael Hodson, an attorney who took off in 2008 to travel the world without ever getting on airplane. in this challenge, travelers i.e. the participants are to travel by train from Lisbon in Portugal and ends in Saigon, Vietnam. that’s two… Read More


as you can see now, this blog is already using the new theme by kreativethemes – typozine. the first day i saw this theme following twitter updates, i was already tempted with the features. i dont know why they call this theme a magazine theme, perhaps because of the flexibility… Read More

pass to Bali

i just got back from Osaka. what a nice place to visit. the place where the road is almost empty and deserted, but underground in the subway, millions of people rushing here, there and everywhere! March is the month i’ve been waiting for, will be traveling to Koh Samui. problem… Read More


first impression in Taipei was great. i love seeing the people treating one another, full of manners and very fashionable, too. from hotel to town, i enjoyed the ride all the way to Taipei 101. the road were clear from bad traffic, non were speeding especially when the traffic lights… Read More