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maya bay

Phuket is the next destination

By On February 8, 2012

Phuket, is no doubt one of my favorite places on earth. I have not been there much, but pretty sure I’d love to come back regularly, as it offers one of the… Read More

i love perth

Perth of my eyes

By On April 3, 2011

having the opportunity to be in Perth is great. i never had any idea how perth is like previously, not until i get here yesterday. but i’ve heard quite a number of… Read More


round trip #KL – #Phuket – Ko #Phangan

By On March 24, 2011

it was a short pack-and-go trip, not a last minute plan though, considering i’ve already planned for the trip last month. on my earlier post i discussed on travel idea KL to… Read More


without @twitter and #facebook

By On February 26, 2011

it was snowing this morning when i arrived in Peking and i was actually quite thrilled to experience a snowing morning. simple, cold and nothing else. and then we arrived at the… Read More

the ultimate train challenge

the ultimate train challenge – #travel adventure

By On February 17, 2011

the ultimate train challenge is a travel idea by Michael Hodson, an attorney who took off in 2008 to travel the world without ever getting on airplane. in this challenge, travelers i.e.… Read More