Villa Nunia - Kitchen

in late July 2010, friends and I revisited Bali for another holiday, and then again in October. why Bali? simply because it’s one of the best island in Asia, and only about 3 hours flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Bali has become my favorite holiday destination since 2 years… Read More

lukewarmmizer's 'Sandboarding Fisheye'

how often do we take our own photos while we are out on holidays and travels? and how good can the photo be to show or express our travel experience? skills? not required. some people just shot-away and only realize it was a good shot after they had gone home… Read More

no smoking zone

By On January 4, 2011

lately, more and more country around the globe has brought in the no-smoking laws to their city, to which travelers can no longer smoke in public area, and most, even inside the hotel room. last few days, i celebrated new year in Jakarta and found out that all hotel rooms… Read More

airport – waiting time

By On December 31, 2010

a short and quick post before i prepare for my flight to Jakarta, what’s the best thing to do when we are waiting for boarding at the airport? it’s common that most people will spend hours at the airport before boarding time, even when the airport offers non other than… Read More

tallest tower

wow i have left this blog deserted for quite sometime! perhaps it’s time to blog again yeah? sadly, i do not own a dslr camera anymore therefore i hope you dont mind seeing my humble photo(s) taken using my common camera phone :P yeah kick me, and wait till i… Read More