Facebook Malaysia

When Facebook became the most visited site on the web, many businesses big and small join the run to get closer to their audience so they could sell more of their products. TVC, newspaper ad, billboard, fliers and posters are no longer the only channels any brands would use to… Read More

maya bay

Phuket, is no doubt one of my favorite places on earth. I have not been there much, but pretty sure I’d love to come back regularly, as it offers one of the most beautiful islands in South East Asia. On the last trip, I spend 2 separate nights in Phuket… Read More

The open sky

Since then, I have learned that I am growing old. Since then. Since I left this place. About 2 years ago, I had a chance to fly and so I did, going places like it’s the best thing to do. Sure it was, but not entirely. I completely had no… Read More

Perth of my eyes

By On April 3, 2011
i love perth

having the opportunity to be in Perth is great. i never had any idea how perth is like previously, not until i get here yesterday. but i’ve heard quite a number of Malaysians staying or residing here. whether this is true or not, i have no idea, but yes i… Read More


it was a short pack-and-go trip, not a last minute plan though, considering i’ve already planned for the trip last month. on my earlier post i discussed on travel idea KL to Ko Samui, with the initial idea to get there for my holiday trip. unfortunately my partner decided not… Read More